Velez Season 10: Into the Future

Velez Season 10: Into the Future

Hello and welcome back dear reader. We have just ended season 10 at Velez and the champagne effect have yet to wear off. Even the chairman, who commonly wants to limit the celebrations to a minimum, joined and is currently passed out on the boardroom floor. I will take you through what seemed to be a normal year for the team and extraordinary year for me as a manager. In case you wish to catch up on the previous episode here. Shall we proceed with the adventure?

Transfers – New Kids on the Block

As you all know, I have a penchant for young men. Not like Michael Jackson though. I bring youth into the club almost every season. At this point I rarely purchase for tutoring as the existing players, youth products from my previous intakes have been performing the tutoring task. This year was no different. I’ve brought in a number of young talents from both the local and continental scene. The only difference this year was that I only bought Argentinian prospects. Guess why?


Sergio Inserra, at 21, looks to have maxed out his potential. So much for the wonderkid tag. Hence I wanted to bring in someone with more upside. Looking through my scouting reports, Tomas Parodi caught my eye. He has been in game since 21/22 but never featured for any first team action until a loan move to Guarani Antonio Franco in the 22/23 season, averaging 6.92 in 40 games. Loaned again the following season, he progressed and featured in 35 games for Lanus averaging 6.99. At the time of purchase he had already featured in 15 game for Boca. We had agreed to an 8M move which would start in the 25/26 season.

Insert profile here


Domingo Sevillano’s purpose was to provide a back up for my star right back Hernandez. With a 4.8M price tag, his services and quality has been a real bargain. Now that I’ve see Hernandez, develop the ‘Doesn’t feel comfortable playing in big games’ trait, Sevillano has started derbies, rival games, and crucial ties which I felt were considered big games. The 21 year old in under the wing of Fleming for tutoring hopefully will turn into a professional personality.



A very young lad at 17 years old, Pablo has been in game for two years at the time of purchase. My DoF found him and I happily took him in. His 5 star potential was surprising and initial development results look promising. Though he has yet to consistently feature in the first team, the 26/27 season will be a big year for him.


De Simone

I had 1 left back. That was a major hole that I had to fill coming into the 25/26 season. Mauricio De Simone fit the bill. Outstanding prospect and another up and coming Argentinian, Mauricio will play for Velez for years to come. Crazy that he is this good at only 19 years old. Might be my first world class left back product?!


Departures – Moneyball Strategy

Moneyball writer Alex Stewart will be proud of my transfer dealings. Basically I would say that it pays to develop players and purchase only if there is a need. After years and years of developing talent from within, I have consistently been able to sell them on to local, continental, or worldwide clubs. Although as I have mentioned previously, I am trying to strengthen Argentina with talent, so most of the time if it is a local club, I would sell the player on for cheaper fees. If there is an continental rival or worldwide club in the running then their offer must be significantly higher than the rest for me to accept.


Dario Miranda served the club well. In two seasons with us, he scored 15 times and assisted on 10 occasions playing 54 games. He was no longer featuring in the team due to lack of team work and work rate attributes which I heavily put a premium on. River came calling along with several other clubs and he was sold for 11.25M whcih was the lowest bid for him.



This was a true moneyball move. Arrived from Racing Club for 6.5M and sold for 28.5M possibly 41M clauses included. Played 51 games, scored 5 times and assisted 5 times averaged better than 7.0 in two seasons. He was good. He was a play maker but again lacked the teamwork that I required. When Flamengo wouldn’t quit bidding, I milked them and milked them good. These are the types of transfers that help me sustain the club and the ability to sell low to Argentinian clubs.


The rest of the transfers were either chump change or mainly transactions to help local clubs. I really really want to get that number 1 competition rankings spot in South America, By infusing the local league with higher quality players, in theory should help them perform and in turn improve their continental competition results.

For the Motherland

In recent times within the game, Brazil has been bossing the world football scene. Argentina are currently sat 3rd. The manager resigned for whatever reason and I found myself the top candidate for the job. Managing Velez, I have been able to produce around 10 players who have been picked in the national squad. It was a logical choice for the Argentinian FA. I took the job and this will be the new focus of my save. I will aim to dominate the world scene and bring Argentina back to the pinnacle of world football.

One dilemma that I have though is that I have never played as an international manager in FM. This may take some getting used to. Though many say that it appears to be inferior in terms of features and depth than managing a club, I began completely flustered with the options, menu, and the other ins and outs of the international game. For instance, I had a cleared the whole national pool without really understanding what that was for. I have also removed all players from the national squad and started from scratch. This did not produce some good initial results to be honest. Argentina placed 4th in the World Cup after getting knocked out by Brazil in the Semis. Crash and burn happened and got clobbered by the Netherlands in the battle for 3rd. Oh well. What a way to start my international career!

Moving Forward

The plan is to get myself a stadium. Second is to get Argentina to be number 1 in the world. I missed my chance in my first World Cup. Although the Argentinian FA was cool with that, they will not be forgiving the next time around. So how will I achieve this? How will I cement my legacy as the best football manager in Argentina? Well… provided the answer.

I have identified that my flip flopping with tactics ultimately cost me the World Cup. TBH, from the get go I was never good at tactics. Hence, we will use Guido’s Medusa tactic. No changes, no flip flopping no BS. It works. We will stick to it. Not only in the international scene but even in the domestic competition. This will play into my idea of having an all Velez starting 11 for Argentina. God I hope this works.We will see in the next year or so.

In my next article, I will discuss the players I will fit into this Medusa tactic within Velez and hopefully get them into the next Argentina squad. Again, thank you for your time. Shalom!

Velez Season 9: I Am Legend

Velez Season 9: I Am Legend

Hello and welcome back my friends! End of the season in Argentina where its warm and sunny. At the end of my 9th season managing Velez, I have been declared or voted or however the hell they come up with that shiz, as a club legend. Yey! This hopefully means that the planned stadium discussed in my previous update will be named after me. Let me take you through the happenings around the club where everyone is lit AF right now.


We won a lot. Yes we did. Domestic domination and conquering Continental competition seemed t come natural to the side. There were some hiccups along the way, but nothing that derailed our inevitable success.

eos 9.JPG
End of Season 9 Honors
After getting knocked out from last year’s Libertadores, the team bounced back by winning the Supercopa Argentina with a 3-0 cleensheet against San Lorenzo. A few days after we thumped Atletico Paranaense 6-2 on aggregate to clinch the Recopa Sudamericana. These two trophies early in the season gave us the swag needed to waltz through the Primera.

primera eos9.JPG
End of Season 9 Primera Table
I’ve tried to strengthen the league by selling my discards at massive discounts and will continue to do so. Until the competition catches up with the talent of my squad, Velez will own the Primera. It wasn’t even close. Independiente never got a sniff of the title after I took pole position.We went 21 games without a loss, ending the season wit 24 cleansheets.

After winning last year’s Copa Argentina, we again strolled through the early rounds and ended the season winning the 6th Round 2-0 against All Boys. Hopefully this run continues next season, when we face Tigre in the 7th Round.

Next competition that we took by storm was the Copa Libertadores. We came back with a vengeance. Last year’s heartbreak was forgotten and we are looking to build on a solid group stage showing.

group stage.JPG
Group C Table
Most of the games were pretty meh. The only highlight of the group stage is the back to back home and away game against Americas (Mex) which I have no idea if it is a bug.

libertadores resutls.JPG
Libertadores Results
Overall, this season has been a great trophy haul for the club. These victories have help me reach the I Am Legend status which is really awesome. If only these blokes decide to name the stadium after me…

Transfers – New Faces

If you have been following me on Twitter, you would have already seen this coming. If not, then please give me a follow. =)

Seriously, this year’s transfers is the first that I have actually splurged the cash. In my previous 8 seasons, I have been very judicious in spending the club’s hard earned cash. I have been quite picky and used youngsters from my own academy. This policy has served me well and has led to a massive amount of player sales, but I felt that it was time to push the boat out there and head into the open sea where the fish is bigger. Now that I had finances in order, I want to be a proper South American giant increasing my reputation and hopefully that of the league.

transfer in.JPG
Transfers In – 42M Total

Anderson Aguilar

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With only a 1M price tag, I was able to get a steal, a bargain, a great buy! He has been worth every penny so far as seen in his performances. When the title was all wrapped up, I started playing the youngsters and tried to limit the main guys number of performances to around 30ish. My only qualm about Aguilar is his sort of lack of development. Despite this, he has been called up for the Colombian national team which is awesome for a 19 year old.

Omar Gargini

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Gargini was one of my more expensive purchases in the save. He was a last minute buy since I was able to sell my veteran left back for a price that I was asking for. This meant that my starting right back could move into the left back in the IWB role. Hence the purchase of a winger type which is needed in my right flank. Happy with his performance this season as he had to learn the right back position on the fly while being chucked into the first team. Next season will be better as he has developed a lot over his initial 12 months with the club.


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When you find a Brazilian with just one name and is tagged as a potential world class striker, what do you do? Of course you buy him and never look back! Hugo is a beast with his natural fitness being his only downside. Nonetheless, he has had to learn the AMC position while his adapting to life in Argentina. Whether he lives up to his 29M price tag or not, only time will tell. If he doesn’t well there’s always PSG…

Transfers – Splash the Cash

The theme of transfers in my save this year is big spending. And boy did some teams spend big! Namely PSG. Insert applause here. Thank you for contributing to my stadium fund. =)

Season 9 Transfers Out
Aside from the 120M of Churin and 7M of Cufre, most of my departures have involved transactions with local teams. I have been aiming to up the talent in the Primera and strengthen the league in general. Whether this materializes or not, would depend on the teams I sold to. These were massive discounts compared to what foreign teams were offering for my products. Hopefully the AI manages these players well and retains them in Argentina.

The Churin Transfer Saga

My beloved Jonathan Churin has left the club. Or has he? After coming through the academy at Velez, Churin started featuring for the first time at age 17. Since then, he has represented Argentina at the highest level 21 times the the age of 21. The Churin transfer saga began with a measly bid of 50M. I suggested then rejected. Went up to 65M suggested then rejected. 80M same thing. PSG was just not going to give up. Eventually I had to relent. I will always have talent flowing through the El Fortin academy anyway. Churin however will remain in a Velez shirt until next season as I have attached a loan back clause. The 120M will also rise as I will get 50% of any transfer that he will be involved in. Churin has done the club a big service by possibly helping finance a new stadium if and when the plan pushes through. For those of you who have not seen how good the guy is, then here he is.

Jonathan Churin – 120M World Class Attacking Midfielder

Revelation of the Season

One season ago, I found this Paraguayan striker for 1.6M. The plan was to groom him and sell him on. After an average first year with the team, Silvestri has upped his game. Despite lack of visible development, his on field performance has just been amazing. At this point in the off season, he is wanted by Barca, PSG, Real Madrid and River. Whether he leaves or not will depend on the bid.

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For the number of apps and time he has played , his yield is awesome. His tackle stats is a bonus. We play a high block and this definitely shows that he is not hesitant to get stuck in. I could not ask for more from this guy. At age 20, he still has lots of room to develop and god willing, he will!

What’s Next?

Honestly I don’t know. I have been changing systems for the past two seasons. Maybe to fault. I might stick with my 4222 asymmetric but who knows what I come up with. I want to have a system that will exploit Hugo, Silvestri and Aguilar’s talents. Still looking to play defensive but let’s see what the breeze shoots at us. I have some up and coming youngsters who are tagged to be better than Hugo. Possibly another Churin-esque fairy tale. But that may be for another post. Thank you for your time and hopefully you have enjoyed reading. Hit me up at Twitter @jedifootball. Shalom!


Velez: Through The Years

Velez: Through The Years

Hello and welcome back dear reader. It’s been a while since I last posted. Aside from real life taking a driver’s seat, the free time I have has been dedicated more to playing the Velez save. Enjoying this save is a big understatement. Hence, I have decided to take you through what has happened over the past 9 seasons. Hopefully I would be able to give you a snapshot of the ups and downs of the club as well as my stint being the top dog of the club.

Trophy Cabinet

I took Velez for 2 main reasons. First is because I wanted this to be youth save. Velez had a good youth setup in place which was one of the things I wanted. Second is because the trophy cabinet was not exactly full. Yes, they’ve won stuff in the past but in recent times, not so much.

Trophies at the Start of Game

The last time Velez won anything was 2013. It looked like a challenge that I was interested to take head-on.

After my first season, I immediately added a piece to the collection by winning the Copa Argentina. This was a trophy that the team has never won in its rich history. After this promising start was a series of heartbreaks. With a young and inexperienced squad in tow, I had struggled to deliver anything noteworthy until 2019. Yep, we won the RESERVES division/league or whatever you wanna call it. It was better than nothing. At this point, I had turned from feeling challenged to utterly frustrated. And then I settled on a system finally and things fell into place.

Year 2021 was when we first took the Copa Libertadores home. We were far from favorites. We were not even underdogs. We were supposed to be a competition filler from the Argentinian Primera who luckily ended up in a qualifying position. After early exits in 2018, 2019, and 2020, we beat Cruzeiro on aggregate. Velez was the South American champion after 27 long years.

In the same year, we missed out once again on the league ¬†ending 6th. Yes, we con continental before winning national. If it’s any consolation, we were runners up to Barca in the Club World Cup that year.

The year 2023 was special. We won almost everything. Primera, Libertadores, and Supercopa. We placed third this time in the Club World Cup. But who cares! Velez was rocking.

Year 2024, we missed out on moving past my arch nemesis, Cruzeiro in the Libertadores. We won the Primera, Supercopa, Recopa, and Copa Argentina. Hopefully we have more of these types of seasons as I have already a set system in place and continuity established.

Honours Won as of November 2024


Personal Achievements

Sticking to a club is tough for me. I’ve always gotten bored regardless if I was winning or losing. I think it is just my personality. The reason why I love this save so much is because I have not been bored at all! Honestly, I think this is my best save ever! So much so that I have reached this milestone.

400 Games

Awesomesauce! I stayed and committed to something for once in my life! LOL. Next up is the powers to be deciding that I have done some good work. Hence the induction.

Hall of Fame

Yep! Immortalized in the HoF is pretty neat. I don’t know what other accolades I can get but this is pretty satisfying. But my most important achievement has yet to materialize. Although, there are already plans. I have no idea how and when. But the what and where have been decided.

Stadium Plans

Not sure how this works within the game but I really hope they name it after me!

Notable Products

As this was a youth save, early in the game, I disposed of quite a lot of deadwood. It was one of the reasons for my early struggles. Most of my first team members were kids, I brought in oldies but they never played more than 5 games I think. All they were there for was to do some tutoring. Most of the time, I would buy young – meaning within tutoring age. I only bought one guy to play who was older than tutoring age and he will have a special place in this post.


Sold to Manchester United for a deal up to 40M, he was my most prized asset. I loved him so much that I made sure to include a 2 season loan back clause. He was awesome and tore defenses to shreds. Very very good assist guy for me.



One of the reasons why I hate Cruzeiro with a passion is that they stole Max Romero from me. He had a 10.5M release clause stuck by his dickhead agent and they activated it. Sucks he will not be able to end his career with Velez.

max romero.JPG


He has been wanting to leave but he signed a 5 year contract with a 4 year extension so I will hold on to him until I can renew it or sell when I’ve sorted a replacement. For now, i will have a world class midfielder playing for my team.



Hailed as another greatest player of his generation, Fleming has recently been called up for international duty. He will probably be world class as well. He is tagged as injury prone but I will cash in on him when the time is right.



Multiple clubs has set up camp game after game to scout this guy. He provided cover in Fontana’s last year and has started ever since Fontana left. I think he has the potential to be better though. As with Churin he has a multi year extension locked in but I will cash in on him when the price is right.



The only guy I purchased above tutoring age. I believe he did not have any caps prior t joining my team. He got capped and was a decent player for Velez. He was my first international in my team so he has a special place. He also tutored numerous defenders whom I was able to sell. He was a class act. I let him go for free after his contract expired.


Current Results

I have been experimenting with a new system. I actually used this in last year’s version but on a different mentality. All throughout this save I have only played on one mentality and that is defensive. It has its own set of challenges but I use other means to adapt. Will I write about it? Probably not. Only reason being I just do a lot of testing and have very little tactical know-how in the game of football. I test and test until results show positive. And so far they have been a bit positive with this new system.

All Competitions Results

As the manager I used an international footballer and maxed the training bits. I also used attribute masking. I scout players and use the ‘Scouted Player’s’ tab for more realism. I have not knowledge of using the editor. These results are a result of a lot of guess and test. I read, see what works for others and understand the basic concepts and apply. Test. Rehash. Rinse and repeat. All the testing are done because I want it to work on the defensive mentality.


In case you were wondering what types of players I have, then here is the squad and some of the things I look at. Thanks to Rashidi @bustthenet for sharing this method as I never had any blueprint when playing before. I signed the most expensive guy I can find.

2024 Velez Squad

It is not perfect and some are there because I need back up or tutors. I try to maintain a ‘Highly Professional’ squad personality at all times. How important this is in driving results is something I am unsure of. I basically have each position and one back up. The reserves are for kids who don’t have a chance to make it to first team and for regaining match fitness. Any youth intake prospect is moved to reserves until end of that season and moved into the first team the following season as a back up. I might write a piece on that next time as I enjoy developing my kids.


I have tried recording videos and have posted my first YouTube video with voice. It sucks as it was not edited and I used my gym BT headseat as my mic. Really amateur. But we all have to start somewhere. I have also been posting the goals the team scored for most games and that can be found in the YouTube channel as well. I should appear as jedifootball in Youtube too. I have to sort that bit out. I will try to post a yearly blog on my Velez save if anyone is interested. You can always see my updates via Twitter @jedifootball and do lots of live tweets while playing. feel free to comment or provide feedback. Would love to hear from you! Happy new year! Shalom!